Police Investigate Reports of Hazing at Vermont University

Police in Vermont are investigating allegations of hazing involving the women’s rugby team at Norwich University.

Last week, law enforcement agencies went to a residence hall at the private military school in Northfield, Vermont to collect evidence.20191008 Norwich5

Northfield police Chief John Helfant said that the police activity was connected to the investigation into allegations of hazing involving “branding and waterboarding of and by NU students.”

Helfant said the investigation is ongoing, adding that university officials denied access to students in their dorm rooms and would only allow police to talk to students in a conference room.

A spokesperson for the university said the school is cooperating with law enforcement.

“Norwich University is subject to federal student privacy laws and other restrictions on what it may disclose,” Daphne Larkin said in a statement to the newspaper. “Sometimes, law enforcement officials become confused about the extent to which we may respond to their requests. Norwich University has fully cooperated with the Northfield Police Department in their investigation of the allegations surrounding this incident while ensuring the constitutional rights of our students and employees.”  

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