Not What Flag Stands For

As the CEO of Task & Purpose, I’ve tried to create a community that is above partisan politics and all that divides us today. I’ve also tried to make this a place that gives voice to multiple sides of an issue. If our community, those of us who have shared experiences in battle and in service, cannot discuss things we don’t agree on, our country is truly f*cked.

That said, I’m sure this is going to piss off a few readers, inspire some to stomp their feet and swear they aren’t coming back. Good riddance.

I stand for the National Anthem. And when I do, I think of all the great things our country has done and what it has stood for in the world. I think about friends I lost overseas.  I think about their families. I think about the remarkable Marines I fought alongside. And I think about my own family’s story, fleeing persecution from Russian pogroms and seeking asylum in the United States.

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