A 9/11 Reflection

9/11 is a tragedy. Many have served and responded in diverse ways since the unspeakable event on 9/11/01. There have been many lives lost on Ground Zero and other places around the world as a result of 9/11.

I served the tragedy by leaving the monastery as a Dominican Friar Monk and returned to the military as a combat troop in Iraq. Besides carrying my rifle in the Badlands: Back home, I treated the first waves of troops returning from the Global War on Terror as a psychoanalyst/readjustment counseling therapist for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Before I responded to 9/11, I contemplated my decision to serve with great passion and action. I and others have followed the path of service. Being a military cadet back in the the 1980s helped me discern my path to serve again after 9/11.

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