Best-Kept Secret

There is a new generation of veterans in America. They’ve been labeled the Post 9/11 veterans or the Iraq and Afghanistan vets, but I prefer the term “Modern Veteran.” These men and women are smarter than every generation that’s come before. They’re tech-savvy, primarily because most of them are Generation X or Millennials. In addition, they’ve been in direct contact with some of the most technologically advanced equipment that a 21st-century democracy can provide.

I believe that in the next two decades, modern veterans are going to be responsible for one of the largest economic booms in U.S. history. As a byproduct of their military service, modern veterans have the stomach to take risks, the ability to deal with ambiguity, composure, and creativity under extreme pressure, and an unparalleled focus on TEAM as the way to win a fight. These men and women are the best-kept secret in business and why your competitors are hiring veterans as fast as they can.

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