Oklahoma City Community College Awarded $1.16 Million TRIO Grant to Help Non-Traditional Students

Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) has been awarded a federal grant for more than $1 million to help older adults pursue higher education, with the goal of increasing the number of non-traditional students in college.Oklahoma City Community College

The $1.16 million TRIO grant โ€“ from the U.S. Department of Education (ED) โ€“ will aid first generation, English-as-a-second-language, military family, and low-income Oklahomans. 

โ€œWe know that with first gen, low income, or marginalized populations sometimes the basic necessities are hard to come by,โ€ said Crystal Mohamed, OCCC director of TRIO programs.

More than 50% of OCCC students are minorities. 

โ€œEither they need to learn English, maybe single parents, they could have transportation challenges, they could be having challenges gaining employment,โ€ said Doralicia Sandoval, OCCC director of community outreach and education.

Mohamed said: โ€œAs a minority- female myself it is something really powerful to see the support and the help and assistance, just the desire to want to see me do better. Want to see individuals that look like me do better.โ€

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