OPINION: Military Recruiters Targeting Working Class Students is Unacceptable

Military recruiters have long been a presence on college campuses. However, it’s a presence that targets students with financial issues to further boost conscription numbers in an era when the U.S. military has been consistently engaged in conflict abroad for nearly twenty years.

Although the U.S. ended the draft in 1973, economic pressure leads many working class young people to enlist in the military. Many students view the military as a means of reducing their hefty college tuition or achieving American citizenship. The disproportionate amount of economically disadvantaged Americans in the military has come to be referred to as the â€śpoverty draft.”

Regardless of one’s opinions on the U.S. military, the recruitment process takes advantage of students. The open targeting of students with financial difficulties in paying for college, and the near impossibility of banning army recruitment from campuses, is unethical.

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