In Partnership With University of Pittsburgh, Marine Corps to Study Creating Coed Boot Camps

marine corpsThe University of Pittsburgh’s Neuromuscular Research Laboratory and Warrior Human Performance Research Center received $2 million to study the implementation of coed training programs in the Marine Corps, according to

Over the next five years, the Marine Corps will be required to make its East Coast training hub in Parris Island, South Carolina coed. Additionally, within eight years, the West Coast training depot in San Diego must also integrate genders, reported.

The results of the study are due to the Marine Corps by September 2021.

“[The center] has a 15 year history of conducting military-centric research focusing on human performance optimization and injury prevention and has effectively translated their scientific findings for military decision leaders for improved military readiness,” said Bradley Nindl, Warrior Human Performance Research Center’s director, in a statement.

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