CIA Aims to Diversify Intelligence Workforce

Gina Haspel

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recently established a new recruitment website with the intent of diversifying the intelligence workforce, according to

In May 2018, Gina Haspel became the first female director of the CIA. Since being hired, she has focused her efforts on recruitment. For example, the CIA joined social media and their advertisements have expanded to streaming services, reported.

Now, all of five of the agency’s branches are led by women.

However, during fiscal 2019, 61% of intelligence professionals were men compared to 39% of women in over a dozen United States spy agencies. Additionally, only 26.5% were minority professionals compared to 37% in the federal workforce, according to

The revamped website features information about working at the CIA, job links that highlight salaries and requirements, and a more efficient application process.

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