Advancing West Virginia Bill Exempts Military from Free Tuition Community Service Requirement

Members of the West Virginia National Guard and other military branches may soon be exempt from a small community service requirement within the state’s tuition-free community college program, reports the Charleston Gazette-Mail.

Wv Invests Page Graphic Oxvial23g8f50a9uqz2e43yo7k83xji7b3fh90hegg P2dhjviinybfag2rhu371ozrcn6stjcv0t9uto5uuoCurrently, participants of West Virginia Invests, the state’s tuition-free community college program, must complete two hours of community service per academic term.

However, House Bill 4360, which was passed by a vast majority in the House of Delegates on Monday, would remove that requirement for military members. It now moves onto the Senate.

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