Legislation Brings Update to Federal Diversity Training Programs

Rep. Jason Crow Rep. Jason Crow

New legislation will require employees at the United States Department of Defense to participate in revamped diversity training programs, Vox reported.

The introduction of the “Realizing Efforts for Military Equity, Diversity and Inclusion” (REMEDI) Act by Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) comes after President Donald Trump attempted to eliminate some diversity training programs within the federal government.

Under the legislation, training programs will cover issues such as sexual orientation discrimination, unconscious bias, racism and equal opportunity, according to Vox.

“We are not doing nearly enough to say diversity and inclusion are an important part of our force,” Crow said to Vox. “It’s as important as how to throw a hand grenade, how to shoot a rifle, and how to make a bed. Actually, it’s much more important than those things.”

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