New Bill Increases Access to Health Care for Military Families

Rep. Michael Waltz

Under a new bill, co-sponsored by Rep. Michael Waltz, dependents could remain on their parents’ TRICARE health care plan until the age of 26 without paying extra fees, 13NewsNow reported.

In 2020, over 37,000 military-affiliated unmarried adult children were enrolled in TRICARE plans. However, under law, dependents must leave their parents’ policies by age 21 unless they are enrolled in college.

The introduction of the Health Care Fairness for Military Families Act comes after a similar bill failed to receive votes by the House Armed Services Committee last June, according to 13NewsNow.

“We cannot have our military members worried about their families when they go down-range to take care of the nation’s business and national security,” Waltz said in a statement.

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