Virginia Governor Puts Focus on Military and Veterans

Virginia’s governor Glenn Youngkin signed 23 bills highlighting the priorities of Virginia’s military and veteran community. After delivering remarks, Youngkin also signed a proclamation to honor Armed Forces Day, which was recognized on May 21, 2022.Dsc06150 2

“Making Virginia the best place for military service members and their families to live and the number one state for service members to retire has been a priority of mine since day one. Our military makes sacrifices daily, and the Commonwealth owes them great gratitude and support to them and their families,” said Youngkin. “I am proud of the significant bipartisan effort around the 23 bills we are here to celebrate today, but this is just the beginning. When the time comes for service members to retire…to turn the page on the next chapter of their life…we want them to make Virginia their permanent home. To help make that possible, we are working diligently to eliminate taxes on the first $40,000 in military retirement pay. Our message is simple: when you come back to the safety of our shores and eventually retire, we want you to retire here, in the great Commonwealth of Virginia.”

Added Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears.

“As a Marine veteran, it is heartwarming to see the many pieces of legislation that passed to encourage veterans to call Virginia home - for work reciprocity for spouses, and for their children to have educational choices,” said Sears.  “Promises made, promises kept,” 

Reflecting on Armed Forces Day, Youngkin added: “This is a great opportunity to pay tribute to these brave men and women who keep our nation safe every day. It is because of them we get the privilege of calling our Commonwealth and nation safe and free,” he said. “As Governor, it is my honor to recognize our heroes by signing this Armed Forces Day Proclamation.” 

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