Bellarmine University Receives $390,000 from Department of Education

To further ease the higher education transition process for veteran students, Bellarmine University received $390,000 from the U.S. Department of Education.

Under the three-year grant, the university plans to establish the Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success. Beyond offering mentorship, advising and orientation, the center will also provide training for faculty and staff to better meet the needs of veteran students, according to Bellarmine.

Bellarmine’s enrollment of veterans has almost doubled from 37 to 61 students since 2017. Going forward, the center aims to increase enrollment, graduation rates and retention among veteran students by 15%, the university reported.

“Veterans often have specific needs, whether its navigating a complex array of federal assistance or adapting to life with disabilities incurred in combat,” said Lindsay Gargotto, director of Bellarmine’s Office of Military and Veteran Student Services and an Air Force veteran. “Our goal is to create a veteran-ready campus culture, where those needs are met and veterans can thrive and work progressively to graduation and their career goals.”

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