Heinz Endowment Renews Funding for Syracuse Institute for Veterans and Military Families with $446,000 Grant

The Heinz Endowment has renewed funding for Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) with a $446,000 grant, helping fund the institute’s national policy work to support veterans and their families through empirical evidence.

“The Heinz Endowment has enhanced our ability to advocate for military families through a combination of strategic communications, research and outreach to policymakers as well as the veteran community,” says Mike Haynie, vice chancellor and executive director of IVMF. “To make a difference in the lives of veterans of this generation and future generations, IVMF needs to work with government leaders and provide research that will set military families up for success. This grant will be instrumental in our ability to do so.”

“Our work to support veterans and military families in making successful, fulfilling transitions to civilian life is only possible with accurate, well-informed data,” said Megan Andros, senior program officer for veterans at The Heinz Endowments. ”IVMF’s research shines a light on the unique challenges veterans and their families face, and we are confident that their policy agenda will better help inform policymakers so they can successfully advocate for them. We are grateful for the trusted partnership we have with Syracuse University and IVMF, and we look forward to continuing to work together in bringing awareness and positive change to the lives of veterans and their families.”


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