For-Profit College Owner Pleas to Bribery Scheme

The owner of a privately owned for-profit college pled guilty in a $2 million bribery scheme involving a corrupt VA Voc Rehab counselor who accepted cash in exchange a seven percent kickback payment for all funds paid to the company by Voc Rehab.

Albert S. Poawui is the 41-year-old owner of the college called Atius Technology Institute, the privately owned, non-accredited college implicated in the bribery scheme. Poawui’s company received $2.2 million in payments from Voc Rehab in exchange for over $155,000 in kickbacks to the Voc Rehab counselor. In exchange for the kickback, the counselor steered disabled veterans using Voc Rehab into the program. The payments were hand-delivered.

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