Air Force Moves to Address Racism Within its Ranks

The Air Force has launched a task force to review and potentially recommend changes to the policies and procedures that unfairly hurting minorities or other underrepresented airmen. airforce

The Air Force said the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force directed by Brig. Gen. Troy Dunn, the Air Force’s director of military force policy, has already increased the number of ROTC scholarship opportunities for minorities, revised regulations on dress and appearance, produced a new video on unconscious bias training, and lengthened the shaving waivers that are most often used by Black airmen.

The task force was set up June 9, a week after the service ordered its inspector general to review racial imbalances in its justice system and career advancement opportunities, and how they affect Black airmen. The move came in the wake of the death of George Floyd during an arrest by Minneapolis police and the protests that followed.

“Clearly we have to acknowledge our Air and Space Forces are not immune from racism and the challenges of inequity,” Air Force personnel chief Lt. Gen. Brian Kelly said in a statement released last Thursday. “As a force that depends on unity, inclusion and a common strength of purpose, we are committed to being better every day until all within our ranks feel a true sense of belonging that allows them to maximize their talents. This is why we stood up the task force, to move out quickly and deliver immediate improvements for our services.”

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