Pacific Oaks College and Children’s School Name New Board of Trustees Member

Vernon H. Taylor was recently named a board of trustees member for the Pacific Oaks College and Children’s School.

POC_Website-image-updates_1Throughout his almost 50-year career, Taylor has served as a military education counselor for the army, director of the United States Marine Corps’ Lifelong Learning Program and the associate vice president for military programs at National University, according to Pacific Oaks.

Now, he works as the president of Workforce Training and Education Alliance. Taylor has also received a number of accolades including the John Brian Service Leadership Award in 2007 and the Tilton Davis Jr. “Military Educator of the Year” Award in 2010, Pacific Oaks reported.

“I enjoy serving organizations that are devoted to supporting individuals reach their full potential, especially within underserved communities,” said Taylor in a statement. “I have had the pleasure of working with remarkable individuals and organizations to make impactful things happen. I am delighted to join Pacific Oaks’ board of trustees to support its principles of social justice, respect for diversity, and value of the uniqueness of each person.”

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