U.S. Army Field Band Prepares for 2021 Inaugural Parade Performance

As the United States Army Field Band prepares for its performance at the 2021 inaugural parade, adaptions were made due to COVID-19 restrictions, according to Military.com. saxophone-546303_960_720

Only around 25% of the 99-member band can attend practices at Fort George G. Meade. However, despite COVID-19 interruptions, the band has found ways to rehearse since August.

During the inauguration parade, the band plans to perform John Phillips Sousa’s “March of Thunder” and “The Army Song” as well as the “National Emblem.” In preparation for cold weather, the Freeze March will also be put together, Military.com reported.

Due to travel bans, the band was unable to participate in their spring and fall tours. Instead, audio recordings and videos were posted online.

“I think it’s an incredible opportunity to connect with the American people through music,” Master Sgt. Brian Sacawa, a member of the Army Field Band, said to Military.com.

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