U.S. Space Force Receives First Military Education Center

Col. KathrynCol. Kathryn Brown

After a transfer from the Air Force Oct. 21, the United States Space Force received its first military education center, CSMNG reported.

The Forrest L. Vosler Non-Commissioned Officer Academy trains technical sergeants in the Space Force E-6s and Air Force in order to educate them on ways to lead and oversee their units, according to CSMNG.

“Under Air University, Vosler has played a significant role in transforming enlisted professional military education into the student-centered collaborative it is today,” said Col. Kathryn Brown, commander for the Thomas N. Barnes Center for Enlisted Education, to CSMNG. “As with any organization, it’s the people who serve who are its beating heart, giving [the center] its vibrancy and expertise to accomplish its mission.”

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