U.S. Space Force Receives First Military Education Center

Col. KathrynCol. Kathryn Brown

After a transfer from the Air Force Oct. 21, the United States Space Force received its first military education center, CSMNG reported.

The Forrest L. Vosler Non-Commissioned Officer Academy trains technical sergeants in the Space Force E-6s and Air Force in order to educate them on ways to lead and oversee their units, according to CSMNG.

ā€œUnder Air University, Vosler has played a significant role in transforming enlisted professional military education into the student-centered collaborative it is today,ā€ said Col. Kathryn Brown, commander for the Thomas N. Barnes Center for Enlisted Education, to CSMNG. ā€œAs with any organization, itā€™s the people who serve who are its beating heart, giving [the center] its vibrancy and expertise to accomplish its mission.ā€

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