Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Opens Resource Hub for Military and Veteran Students

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) has launched a Military and Veteran Resource Center, River Bender reported.

SIUE’s military student population is one of the largest in Illinois – the school now supports more than 800 military-related students and families.

“In the first few weeks, we have already seen a steady stream of military-connected students utilizing our computers, printer and lounge space,” said military and veteran services director Kevin Wathen. “They are meeting, sharing experiences, and developing a deeper sense of belonging at SIUE.”

The center – located in the SIUE Morris University Center – is meant to help build community among military and veteran students, a specific subsect of non-traditional students.

“The resource center connects this population with peers who they can simply talk to and be themselves,” said Telisha Reinhardt, coordinator of military and veteran services.

It also connects students to civilian life reintegration services.

“Right now, the resource center is in the process of establishing programs and activities that center on issues such as diversity and inclusion, women and gender matters, and peer mentoring,” Reinhardt said.

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