U.S. Naval Community College Launches Online Courses for Naval Core Certificate

The United States Naval Community College (USNCC) has launched an online course, giving continuing education and training to Navy enlisted personnel.

The course, “Naval Leadership,” is the first of five online offerings for the school’s Naval Core Certificate, which focuses on naval heritage, history, ethics, and other subjects related to naval sciences.

USNCC is working with instructional design firm iDesign to build the certificate.

“At a time when U.S. armed forces are facing new and global threats and ascendant challenges, military and civilian leadership have recognized the imperative of developing a more unified approach and making leadership education and training opportunities more accessible across today’s Navy,” said Randi Cosentino, president of the United States Naval Community College. “This work is an important step in the modern Navy’s transformation into a learning organization that constantly strives to develop our people and deploys lifelong learning to support combat operations and our peacetime mission alike.”

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