Air Force to Finish Second Survey on Disparities

The U.S. Air Force will complete its second survey on disparities within its ranks in the coming few weeks, reported.

The survey began earlier in April as part of an Inspector General Independent Disparity Review.

The review – covering Air Force and Space Force – focuses on racial disparities in the administration of military justice by race, gender and ethnicity in Asian, Hispanic and American Indian communities.

Although the survey will finish soon, the second overall review will take six months.

“Each Airman and Guardian should have the opportunity to thrive,” Acting Secretary of the Air Force John Roth said in an April 9 release. “As a department, we need to understand what is happening, so we can knock down barriers to success. That process requires listening and gathering the facts. I ask and encourage all Airmen or Guardians to share their inputs and ideas so we can address the issues that will make our services better, more inclusive organizations.”


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