West Point Students Expelled or Forced to Repeat Following Cheating Scandal

Eight West Point students were expelled and more than 50 others must repeat a year after a cheating scandal, Voice of America reported.

The U.S. Military Academy West Point will also end its willful admission process that lets cadets who admit to violating the honor code escape expulsion. 55 cadets in this matter used the program.

The incident, which took place May 2020,  consisted of 73 students allegedly violating West Point’s honor code by cheating in a remote calculus exam.

“Of the 73 cases investigated by the cadet honor committee, six cadets resigned during the investigation, an additional four cadets were acquitted by a board of their peers, and two cases were dropped due to insufficient evidence,” according to a West Point statement. “Of the resulting 61 cases that were fully adjudicated, eight were separated, 51 were turned back one full year, and two were turned back six months.”


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