US Army Recruiters Host Mass Recruitment Drive May 10 Through June 14

Army recruiters are hosting a mass recruiting drive starting May 10 through June 14, Army News Service reported.

With hundreds of virtual hiring fairs, potential recruits nationwide can have one-on-one meetings with recruiters and learn about signing bonuses – up to $40,000 – or student loan reimbursements – up to $65,000.

Recruiters will also talk about health insurance, tuition assistance and retirement plans.

The hiring drive will offer a $2,000 bonus of people who enlist during the five-week event in one of 11 priority fields – including infantry, psychological operations, explosives ordnance disposal and air and missile defense – and ship to training by the end of September.

Health care professionals – such as doctors, nurses and nutritionists – are also needed.

Several positions come with incentives, such as scholarships for medical, dental and veterinary school.






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