Georgia Military College to Give Special Admission Consideration to Certain GED Grads

A nonprofit dedicated to helping young adults earn their GED for free announced a partnership with Georgia Military College, reports WRBL News.

Based in Georgia, the nonprofit BRIDGE of Columbus, Inc., has been serving local communities since 1993 by helping students obtain their GEDs. According to WRBL, those without a high school diploma or GED face higher risk of unemployment, poverty and incarceration. But, by operating in physical classrooms with small class sizes that allow for one-on-one instruction, BRIDGE says that 70% of the students who have completed its program earned their GED over the past three years.

Now, by partnering with Georgia Military College, those BRIDGE graduates will get special consideration when it comes to admission, special scholarship opportunities, college tours and pre-transfer advising.

A public-independent liberal arts college, GMC has 12 campuses throughout the state and is recognized as a predominately Black and military-serving institution. Fifty-six percent of its student population are minority students. According to its website, GMC’s mission is “to produce educated citizens and contributing members of society in an environment conducive to the development of the intellect and character of its students, regardless of location or method of delivery.”

“Through this partnership with Georgia Military College we are taking strides to continue to positively impact the lives of adults in our community through higher education,” said Wilena McClain, BRIDGE Program Manager. “We not only serve as a resource for GED achievement, but are dedicated to contributing to the success of our students after graduation through resources for higher education, career services and even joining the military.”


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