Purdue University Student Government Proposes Changes to Military Student Absence Policy

Purdue University's Student Government recommended changes to the university's military absence policy on Feb. 23, reports the Purdue's student newspaper The Exponent.

Screen Shot 2022 02 25 At 11 22 43 AmCurrently, the university provides 15 days of military absence per academic year. However, according to Megan Torres, a representative from the Veterans Success Center, 15 days per academic year is not enough, since active -duty students must complete two training sessions per fiscal year.

“This policy in place is incredibly counterproductive because in one academic year, there are two fiscal years,” said Megan Torres, a representative from the Veterans Success Center, according to The Exponent. “This policy impacts a lot of students negatively because they cannot choose when military training is and only have 15 days to miss from August to May.”

Torres suggested that the senate amend the policy, so that the language allows 15 days of absence "per fall and spring semester," rather than "per academic year."

She added that she hopes to build a pamphlet for professors that would outline the university's policies regarding military students, as a way to cut down on conflicts that arise from miscommunication or misunderstandings.

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