How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Military Education

Is the dawn of artificial intelligence and autonomous weapons resulting in a new revolution in military affairs? That’s the question posed by a recent article by Frank Hoffman. As with previous such revolutions, technology is not the sole determinant of large shifts in the way military organizations successfully conduct operations. Development of new organizations and new warfighting concepts also play a large role — and these are the domain of humans, not machines. Therefore, if military organizations are to successfully adapt to this new era, they must maximize their human potential to gain an intellectual edge. To sustain and build this edge, leaders will need to rethink professional military education systems and learn how to best combine human and artificial intelligence.
This article will explore how military organizations can ensure that their people are intellectually prepared for success in future warfare by using the potential of artificial intelligence, as well as how this may impact professional military education. If done early enough, these changes to the educational model will allow institutions to maximize the strengths of humans and artificial intelligence in a collaborative environment across the military enterprise. In doing this, organizations may also unearth new and more effective ways of thinking about, planning, and executing military operations.

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