Georgia Offers Military Scholarship to Attend University of North Georgia as Part of Cadet Corps

High school seniors looking to attend the University of North Georgia (UNG) as part of the Corps of Cadets will be able to pursue a scholarship to cover their tuition, school supplies, and room and board.GMSS recipient Cleo JohnsonGMSS recipient Cleo Johnson

The annual Georgia Military Service Scholarship (GMSS) – worth more than $85,000 – is awarded to 42 seniors to complete bachelor’s degrees at UNG and commission as Georgia Army National Guard officers after graduating.

"This scholarship provides ample opportunity to students seeking a top-level education at no cost to them," said Jordan Mund, Cadet Legacy Recruitment Network coordinator. "The GMSS is a wonderful way to propel our cadets into a wonderful service career, while also providing them a gateway to priceless education."

Senior and GMSS recipient Bentlee Roberson said: "It is a great setup for people who know that they want to be in the military but without the full-time commitment like on active duty. There is a balance of the best of both worlds of pursuing a civilian career and a military career. Receiving GMSS altered the projection of where I was going to attend college and what I believe my college experience would have been."

To be eligible, a high school senior must be a legal resident of Georgia; have a 3.0 GPA; receive a nomination from a Georgia legislator in their congressional district; meet Army National Guard enlistment standards; and agree to serve as an enlisted member in the Georgia Army National Guard while participating as a cadet at UNG.

"It allows me to focus on excelling at school and in the Corps of Cadets, something I don't know if I could have done as well if I was always worrying about paying for school," said senior and 2019 GMSS recipient Jack Rainbow.

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