University of Colorado Colorado Springs to Offer Active-Duty Tuition Assistance Grant

Starting this fall, University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) will be offering a tuition assistance grant to active-duty military personnel currently using military tuition assistance through a new Active-Duty Tuition Assistance Grant.University Of Colorado Colorado Springs

β€œWe are honored to support the active-duty community here in Colorado Springs and beyond by introducing the Active-Duty Tuition Assistance Grant,” said Crista Hill, director of Veteran and Military Affairs. β€œThis grant will help provide access to education for our active-duty undergraduate students utilizing their military tuition assistance benefit at UCCS. It is our privilege to further demonstrate our commitment to those currently serving on active duty.”

The grant – for undergraduate students only – is automatically applied to all eligible students. UCCS also waives application fees for active-duty military in general.

β€œBy bridging the gap between military tuition assistance and UCCS tuition, we aim to assist our students in achieving their academic and career goals,” Hill said. β€œThis investment strengthens not only the students and their families, but our community.”

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