Chilean Officer Stands Out at U.S. Naval War College

Chilean Navy Commander Sergio Gómez took on the role of instructor through the U.S. Naval War College (USNWC), teaching U.S. military students. The Chilean Navy officer will deliver several courses and participate in humanitarian aid conferences in military and civil institutions until 2019.

The Chilean officer began teaching as part of his studies at USNWC’s Naval Command College (NCC), and carries on as a military guest professor of the Civilian-Military Humanitarian Response program of USNWC’s College of Maritime Operational Warfare. Cmdr. Gómez is the 39th Chilean Navy officer to graduate from USNWC.

The goal of the academic exchange is to generate trust, cooperation, and promote interoperability between foreign and U.S. officers. The program enables officers to acquire a common understanding of global challenges in the defense and security sectors, becoming multiplying forces and sharing the knowledge with counterparts and future experts.

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