Citadel Yearbook Photo of Cadets in KKK Robes Creates Lifetime of Justifications, Regret

*The Disclaimer

New bookmarks have been inserted into the old Sphinx yearbooks in The Citadel’s Daniel Library. This is what they say:citadel yearbook photo

“The Citadel yearbook The Sphinx, has depicted campus life since it was first published in 1900. Some of the images and language reflect racist and sexist stereotypes that are offensive. These items do not reflect the core values of honor, duty and respect held by the college and the campus community today. Those images are a part of our past and they will not hinder our progress into the future. The Citadel continues moving forward with resolute intention in regard to diversity, equity and inclusion.”*

In the fall of 1976, just after the United States celebrated its bicentennial and a young Citadel alum was elected mayor of Charleston on a platform of racial healing, 21 members of The Citadel’s Company T did something that continues to haunt them.

Few, if any, had an inkling that their informal senior group yearbook photo would live in infamy rather than as the joke they intended.

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