Legislators Look to Diversify Military Academies

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Congressman Anthony G. Brown has introduced legislation to diversify military service academy nominations by mandating race, gender, ethnicity, and other demographic metrics be collected and published on an annual basis.

The “Public Accountability on Nominations Offered that Result in Admissions to Military Academies” (PANORAMA) Act would provide key public data and additional transparency to improve diversity within military leadership. They argue that in the military, as in other industries, the best leaders reflect the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of those they represent.

Congressman Anthony BrownCongressman Anthony Brown

“Our nation’s service academies cultivate exceptional officers, and we must ensure that not only are our nominees the best and the brightest, but that they reflect our country’s diversity,” said Gillibrand of New York. “I am proud to sponsor this legislation calling for a transparent and inclusive academy nominations process that will help ensure every student has an equal chance to serve, regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic status. Our future military leaders should highlight a fundamental truth—our diversity is our strength.”

Brown, who represents Maryland on Capitol Hill, said that the legislation was needed.

“My 30-years spent serving this country in uniform are among my proudest. Our military brings together brave men and women from across this nation to serve – those leading our service members should reflect the power of this diversity,” he said. “Increasing transparency in the academy nominations process will ensure qualified candidates do not go overlooked as we build the next generation of military leadership. A range of backgrounds and experiences in leadership brings out the best in our military, and ensures that everyone who wants to serve their country in uniform, can do so.”

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