VMI Considers Change to Honor Code

Retired Maj. Gen. Cedric T. Wins

After it was revealed that Black students were being expelled at disproportionately high rates, Virginia Military Institute (VMI) is reconsidering its Honor Code policies, according to The Washington Post.  

Retired Maj. Gen. Cedric T. Wins, interim superintendent at VMI, plans to assess the Honor Court system rather than change the wording within the code. VMI’s Honor Court, which investigates individuals suspected of a violation, is voted on by the student body, the Washington Post reported.

“I think the system requires a review,” Wins said. “You want to make sure that the system, as it was intended to operate, has not kind of fallen off path, or deviated or strayed from its overall objectives and its intent.”

Two changes are being considered including eliminating names being called out during the “drum-out ceremonies” as well as mandating “unanimous juries for convictions,” according to the Washington Post.

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