Lawmakers Proposed Bipartisan Student Loan Relief Bill for Teaching in Military Communities

Four U.S. lawmakers have proposed a bipartisan bill for student loan relief for teachers in military communities.

Rep. Ronny Jackson

Reps. Ronny Jackson, R-TX, Henry Cuellar D-TX, Doug Lamborn, R-CO and Marilyn Strickland, D-WA, put forth The Defense Community Teacher Support Act, which would make such teachers eligible for federal student loan relief after five years of service and allow military spouses work toward loan forgiveness even if they have to relocate due to the servicemember’s change of station orders, the  Texoma’s reported.

“By providing loan forgiveness to help teachers take care of their student loans accrued during their education, the Defense Community Teacher Support Act introduced by Congressman Jackson encourages new teachers to seek employment in school districts, like Wichita Falls ISD, where large numbers of military children are found,” said Glenn Barham, Sheppard Military Affairs Committee President. “Getting high quality teachers in these defense communities assures military families that their children’s education is of high importance to those outside the military.”


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