Anti-Affirmative Action Group Targets Military Exemption to SCOTUS Ruling

The group that took its case against affirmative action to the U.S. Supreme Court and won is seeking to end the exemption for military academies, Reuters reported.Us Navy Academy

When the court struck down race-conscious admissions practices, it exempted military academies from the ruling.

"No military academy is a party to these cases, however, and none of the courts below addressed the propriety of race-based admissions systems in that context," Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in his majority opinion. "The opinion also does not address the issue, in light of the potentially distinct interests that military academies may present."

Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) recently launched a new campaign, West Point Not Fair.

"Were you rejected from West Point? Or the Naval Academy or the Air Force Academy? It may be because you’re the wrong race,” the website said.

Via the site, the group is collecting names, contact information, and stories of those rejected by the military academies or planning to apply. People who respond could be possible litigants in any lawsuit by SFFA, said SFFA founder Edward Blum.

Academy officials have said they would continue to factor race in admissions while awaiting guidance from the Department of Defense (DoD).

Blum hopes the academies will clarify their plans in the next few weeks, he said.

"If they intend to continue using race and ethnicity as a factor, then it is very likely that litigation will follow," he said.


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