Naval Academy Issues New Punishment Policy for Midshipmen Violating COVID-19 Safety Rules

The U.S. Naval Academy has issued a new punishment policy for students – called midshipmen – violating COVID-19 safety rules, The Capital Gazette reported.

“The first time a midshipman violated the Naval Academy’s rules intended to slow the spread of COVID 19 they face getting demerits, enough to be considered a major discipline offense but something like a parking ticket,” The Gazette reported. “The offense will also mean the loss of a weekend of liberty when it is restored and an additional seven days of restrictions when they are eased, according to a memo approved by the academy on March 11.

“Second offense adds another 50 demerits, another week of restrictions and another lost chance to get off the Yard for the weekend.”

Demerits affect conduct grades, which are given to midshipmen each semester. Demerits below 50 are minor, up to 90 are major and at 100 are the worst.

There will be rounds – one between 3 to 7 p.m. – to make sure people adhere to the movement restriction rules.

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