Ex-Navy Seal Turns Simple Idea into Multi-Million Dollar Business

Sometimes, the simplest ideas have the biggest impact.

Take Southwest Airlines as an example. In 1971, this startup airline was losing money. It became so bad that at one point, the airline had to sell one of its four aircraft just to make payroll.

A man named Bill Franklin, Southwest’s vice president of ground operations, came up with a little idea that would have a huge impact. Franklin proposed that each plane get back in the air within 10 minutes of landing.

Now known as the 10-minute turn, this allowed Southwest Airlines to operate more flights and make more money with fewer planes. Today, Southwest Airlines is a $21 billion company.

Countless times while serving in the military, I would discard my spent brass bullet casings after a day at the shooting range. Where did they go after I cleaned my area? I’ll admit I never gave it a thought.

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