Opinion: Helping Military Spouses And Veterans Get Hired

The Labor Department reported recently that the number of job openings in America exceeded the number of unemployed people by the largest margin on record. In April there were 7.4 million unfilled jobs across the country and only 5.8 million people looking for work.

When I talk to employers in Missouri, they say one of their biggest challenges is finding workers with the right skills. Military spouses and veterans who already have the right skills can be one of the first places to find trained and ready workers.

A report last year by the Council of Economic Advisers estimated that military spouses are unemployed at a rate double or triple the rest of the population. They tend to have higher rates of education and solid work records. But because they may have to move every two or three years as their husband or wife is reassigned, they often struggle to find their place in the job market.

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